heatmap lines between columns and rows

I have successfully made a heatmap. As it only has two colours (true/false) it is hard to read. I was wondering if I can change the colour of the lines between the rows and columns. I would hate to have to make the white boxes dark. I’m aware that one can edit the appearance with the CSS Editor node, however I haven’t figured out how to change the line colour.

I have attached an image of what I have and what I would prefer to have.

Thank you for your help

Hi @Shaller,

here is an example of a Heatmap where you can change the colors:

To get a picture that is sorted like your second ones you would probably need to sort the data before or try some clustering like hierarchical clustering for example.


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Hello Martyna,

Thank you for your kind suggestion. However this does not solve my problem. I still find it very hard to read the table and would prefer to change the colour of the lines if possible.

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