heatmap out of Tabel and Image


I have a Image of the ground plot of a shop.  I also have a Tabel of customer traffic in the shop.  I want to recolor the Image depending on the customer traffic in the shop to created a heatmap. It shoud basically look like the Image attached to this posting. (only created whit a software that is able to handle  the amount of data I need it to handle. sigh)

I found a lot of Information on how to make a heatmap out of an Excel Tabel, but non on how to recolor a Image bast on a Tabel. Is there a way to do thatin knime? Do I need another tool? whitch one?


Hi suppe,

nice plot, but I doubt this is doable with the basic KNIME Analytics Plattform.

However, there are quite some extensions out there. Maybe KNIME Image Processing or KNIME Shapefile Support (both in the trusted Community Extensions) can help you with solving this problem.

Best wishes, Iris