heatmap to calculate the proportions of groups in each other

I have a table with two columns. In the first the strings and the in the second the group that each string belongs to. I would like to plot a heatmap to compute the proportion of each group in the other groups.
As an example, you can imagine a number of students that join the different clubs of the uni. Some of them decided to join one club each and the others joined more than one club. The heatmap will contain 1 for the diagonal and will show the proportion of students in each club i in club j.
I attach here a xlsx of the dataset.
inchis-2.xlsx (2.2 MB)

Hi @zizoo,

I am really sorry for the delayed response.
I have created a workflow to do this. It can be found here:

First, it groups the Inchis and turns all assigned classes into a set. These sets are then processed one by one to transform them into a table of combinations which can be grouped to count the number of occurrences for each combination or pivoted to transform it into a table that can be read by the heatmap node.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


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