Help ::: 4.5.1 Google Drive Connectivity - Horrible

Hello all,
We upgraded to 4.5.1. Knime Analytics platform on server and individual desktop envrionments.

In 4.2.2 platform, We had some google nodes to connect to Google Drive ( Shared Drives ), get data from EDW, format and then update the google sheet one or more tabs.
Now with 4.5.1, the drive connectivity is upside down, changed horribly, only see drive content of the person who is authenticated which is good, but if the person and we all belong to a team and we have “Team Shared Drive”, which everyone can see… which is where we want to create/share our reports, now we can’t see them.

  • Even with using the “STAR” process, we can’t see the file in the list.

  • Listing can not be sorted so one has to painfully select a file from randomly sorted list… .ugggh.

  • Google Drive Authenticated and then Google Sheet Connector linked to Google Sheets Updated but the updater interface is such a disaster… that we have to wait for file list to appear …

  • Google Drive Connector has the ability to navigate to the particular share drive, but then we can’t connect to Google Sheet Connector.

Any one out there has any suggestions…
I need to update tabs in google sheets with raw data which are used in formatted output, which then gets turned into PDF using Google Script API.

It is failing misreably.

Here is the excerpt from one of the other post ( Google Sheets Reader, Writer, Appender, Updater only sees one sheet and unable to see others or change the selection )

"To access a spreadsheet from your Google Drive you have to mark it as favorite or you have to be the owner/creator. You’re not able to navigate through your Gdrive folder structure. The list shows all the favorites and own files sorted by the last modification DESC. "

I even tried this, where I have marked as “favorite” or starred the file and the all team members have access to this file equally. User x logs in from Knime → Google Authentication to connect to drive where in Google Drive Connector he can see all folders, but from the Google Sheet Updater, the file is not visible.

Anyone who may have some insight?

Hi @ss_123

You’re mentioning multiple different issues. Let me break them down:

  1. Google Drive node lists files differently.
    We might have identified an issue, could you tell me what operating system you are using?

  2. You can’t use the listed sheet from the Google Drive connector in the Google sheets nodes.
    Regarding this point: It is possible to supply the Spreadsheet id as a flow variable, that ID should be contained in the path returned from the List Files/Folders node.

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