Help connecting to a Olap Cube (.cub) file


I have read through the results when I searched for OLAP cube, but they are for connecting to a olap DB.

I have a physical .cub file at hand, can I connect to it and extract data?

Hi @Bahadurma,

you could search for JDBC Drivers for this database type.
Then it should be the same connection as any other jdbc database :confused:
Do not know anything about cub dbs but that might be worth a try :+1:

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Hi there @Bahadurma,

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As @AnotherFraudUser said and to my understanding if you have a proper jdbc driver you should be able to use generic DB Connector to connect and extract data. If you need check here how to register your own driver in KNIME. Give it a try and if any questions feel free to ask.


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