Help! I am lost - My python doesn't work. What do I do to fix this?

I think I installed something that caused my Python installation to malfunction in Knime. I remember running the command ‘pip install knime’. Now, none of the nodes that use Python are working.

@Aldemir my recommendation would be to check your Python setup. You might want to consider this articles in that order. You will have to make sure that the Python node in fact does use your environment (base):

Try to use the bundled Python version and see if that does work.

Then mabye check out my blog about the use of Conda. Though I would recommend to just use Miniforge and maybe skip the whole Anaconda environment unless you absolutely need something in there:

KNIME and Python — Setting up and managing Conda environments

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I did this: I uninstalled the knime package. I uninstalled python on knime and reinstalled and it fixed it. My Python usage level is basic in knime and it solved it.


Glad it worked out. The good thing is with the integrated Python in KNIME you can already do a lot of things like manipulating Excel files with OpenPyxl or creating advanced graphics without the whole conda installation stuff.

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