HELP: Market basket analysis and prediction of further purchases

Hi everyone,
as I am completely new at KNIME I have some general questions for you!
I am currently writing my master thesis and therefore want to do a market basket analysis. Do you know how I can generate some test data and use them do generate customer profiles? Is that possible by using KNIME?

The goal of the thesis is to predict when the next purchase will take place and which products should be proposed.

Thanks in advance, really hope that you can help me! :blush:

Hi @sinatiziana94 and welcome to the forum

Look around on the Knime Hub with lots of nodes and workflows, and in particular this one Shopping Basket Generation . Or see the market basket examples you can directly access via KNIME. These workflows include transaction data!
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gr. Hans


Hi there @sinatiziana94,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Well for generating data (for customer profiles) you can check Data Generator node and various Label Assigner nodes. If those won’t be sufficient there is also Customer Distributions node which be worth exploring, personally never used it.

Good luck with thesis!



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