help me please to convert json to csv

I have a file and I need to create a csv file to load it to postgres.
when i open the file as csv it takes comma as delimiter and all data shifts for each row.
Can you help me please to open the file as json and export it as csv with separated columns. I saved it as json as I can’t load else.

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Your situation is not very clear. Your title mentions converting json to csv, but the file you uploaded is not a valid json nor a csv so we cannot do anything with it. So I assume it’s a different file type originally? Can you be a bit more precise about what your actual input is?

@mehman521 my suggestion would be also to check if you are 100% comfortable sharing this data on a public forum


@mehman521 due to the nature of the data in the file I asked KNIME to remove it from the forum.

Concerning JSON you will have to do some manipulations, especially define a ‘path’ that would define how to extract the data

Here is an example how such an extraction might look like (the same might be true for XML files):

Then there is a JSON to Table node that might try to automate some of that. But due to the very flexible nature of JSON files you might have to try some back and forth:

You can read more about JSON and XML in this article:

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