Help needed with nested loops in Knime

Hi All,

I am trying to use a group loop and recursive loop together. My recursive loop is giving the right data but it is not looping over group. The problem is the track id column has the different conveyor belt numbers and the previous, next and id(current position) are the position of the trolleys on the given conveyor belt. I need the positions of the trolleys on that conveyor belt. so, for the trolley whose previous position is empty becomes the first trolley and the one in the next column is the trolley at position 2 and so on. Consider them as double linked list grouped by conveyor belts. The linked list is working fine but it not looping over other track ids attach is the workflowNew_Position.knwf (35.4 KB)

Just looking at the picture you posted, you have 3 loop starts and only 2 loop ends. I can’t see that working.

The workflow you posted has no data.

You can do one of 3 things:

  1. save the data in the workflow before uploading it here
  2. provide the csv file
  3. put the datafile in the same local folder as your workflow, use the knime:// protocol to specify a relative filepath to your datafile, upload the datafile and workflow to your KNIME hub account, and share the link here

Position_test.xlsx (15.0 KB)

Attached is the file. I have converted the file in xlsx since we cant upload csv

@elsamuel can you please help

Hello @sauravh86,

has this questions been addressed here: Help needed with Multi row formula?