Help on KNIME Certification

Hello Everyone! I’m a newbie to KNIME platform and I’m planning to take Basic Proficiency KNIME Certification. Any suggestions, tips for the exam and any resources? Thanks in advance.

Hello @akmuthu2215 ,

welcome to the Forum! And congrats on your decision learning KNIME :slight_smile:

We have a couple of blog posts that are helpful here.

  1. How to prepare for L1
  2. How to prepare for L2 and L3
  3. All the ways you can learn KNIME:


How to Prepare for the KNIME L1 Certification Exam | KNIME

In this article, we run through how to enroll for the KNIME L1 Certification Exam and give you a checklist of what to prepare. (606 kB)


KNIME Users: Explore New Certification Program | KNIME

The Certification Program, validating KNIME skills and data science expertise, is modified to align skills to job market needs and lower barrier to start program. (693 kB)


Find KNIME Learning Options for All Learner Types | KNIME

To learn how to use KNIME explore different learning options for different learning types from structured learners to binge watchers to chatterboxes. (230 kB)

Also you can find many information here (including many workflows and examples):

I hope it is enough for your first steps! But if you have any further question please feel free to give us a feedback in this thread!

Good luck!


Beside this the best “preparation” is using the tool
good luck and br

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