Help: Regular Expression

Hi there,

I´d like to ask for some help. I have a lot of emails as strings and want to have only the main text. Example:

Von: max.mü
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 10 Februar 2021 10:24
Betreff: Meeting

Hallo Herr Mustermann,

was denken Sie über unser letztes Meeting?

Viele Grüße
Max Müller

Firma XYZ
Oederweg XY, 60329 Frankfurt a. Main
Telefonnummer +49 69 XXX XX XXX

Is there a regular expression so that I can remove everything except this string:

“was denken Sie über unser letztes Meeting?”

Or how would you solve this in KNIME?

Thanks and kind regards

You need some kind of identifier with a regex.
e.g. the text always starts after the first comma and ends with before Firma then this could work but even then this could be problematic depending on the inner text

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