HELP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings - Amazon SES SMTP / Send Email

hello everyone;
First of all, the new knime website is awesome!

Now coming to my problem, I have created a space in my mail account on Amazon SES server for mass mailing. But I couldn’t make Sen email node settings, I couldn’t run it.

Can someone who has done a study on this subject or knows someone help me? What settings do I need to make for it to work? I verified the mail account on the Amazon side and sent a test mail.

Did you try to see how is set up on a outlook desktop program to see whats is necessary/different?

All the information that you have are correctly? login, password, port, server…? I saw the print, but try to change with the exactly informantion…

One more tip… are you behind a vpn connection? It can block the access from the IP/domain that where you are…



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Thanks for the answer. I think it might be due to the Sandbox. I wrote to Amazon to exit the sandbox and I am waiting for a reply. If the problem is related to sandbox, I will share. I’ll try to get out of the sandbox first.


You selected STARTTLS as the connection method in the node configuration. But you provided a port for the “TLS Wrapper”. Try using port 587, then it should work.


first of all thanks for the replies
The problem is that Amazon only sends emails to verified emails in the sandbox. If amazon allows you to send mail outside of the protected area, the mail is sent. I wrote it as an information for those who will have problems with this.


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