Help - Simple Stat Model Workflow

I need some assistance. I have advanced experience with ETL and reporting tools, such as Informatica and Business Objects. I have been able to create data flows to load my data mart from my source files without any issue using Knime. 

My problem is there does not seem to be any simple examples showing how to use some of the core functions (such as model creation, linear regression, and best fit scatter plots), nor do I understand the basic rules and dependencies for building such models and workflows.

For example, I have a simple query that contains patient ID, number of doctors, and length of stay associated with individual healthcare encounters. It is obviously a simple set of data. What I need is some simple examples for how to construct working PMML models, test them, and create common statistical analysis and reports.

We have searched the public examples and there is no simple end to end workflow showing the entire process, or at least not one with data loaded into it (some sample dropbox data is no longer accessible).

With my ETL and reporting experience, I feel I am capable of learning by example since no books or classes in the U.S. are offered. I am hoping that someone can share some simple examples or point me to a source of good teaching information. We are very excited about this tool. Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear jwilgus,

thank you for your questions and yes, there will be more example workflows in the future. We are always happy to see what people need to get quicker into KNIMEing.

We sometimes offer trainings in the US. But we always have books to help you get started. Here in the KNIME Press section There are three books currently. In our white papers you can read more detailed examples.

Let me know if I can be of any further help :-)

Best, Iris