Help to use Python Source

Is there any practical example of how to use this node? I still do not understand. I used to paste my code into it and that’s it.

I am using python Script like this. I create a table with anything and then I put my code. This is the only way I’ve found to use python instead of Python(legacy) nodes


I’m not sure I understood everything but doing this :

will generate the old python source node with an example.


You helped me a lot. That simple!

On the other hand, I’m still very curious about how this Python source node works.
I saw that I can run a code from Jupyter. I would like to understand how this works.

I think @mlauber71 has created some great examples



@Aldemir for the workings of the standard python nodes there is this example


Thanks a lot for the help. I will study it all.

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