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Great work! The text processing nodes look really useful too. Have you thought about wrapping the OSCAR libraries into the Textprocessing group to add in parsing of chemical terms too?

No, we haven’t thought about the OSCAR library but it looks useful for chemical named entity recognition. We keep this in mind, thanks.

Along the same line … what about the UIMA framework ? There are several linguistic resources already “wrapped” in the UIMA framework … ?

(How) Can I use KNIME as Data Mining engine from my own code?

Hi Manu_L,
see for details about that.

i'm new to KNIME i cant get to text processing nodes. any help in this will be highly appreciated.

thanx in advance

Do you know the eclipse feature install machanism ? KNIME uses this mechanism to install additional plugins and features. At you can find an explanation how to install new features.
Here you can find a detailed description of how to use the updaten manager.

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