Help with appending specific sheets in excel


I am new to KNIME and was looking for some help in appending 2 specific sheets (there are 5 total in the excel workbook) into 1 within KNIME. I just want to stack the 2 sheet tables on top of each other.

I tried to use the “nominal value row filter” first to filter out the sheets I didn’t want as variables but it did not work unfortunately. see below.

Any help is appreciated!

KNIME Appending Sheets.knwf (26.6 KB)

I made a sample workflow to show you what I am doing wrong :slight_smile:

In this workflow, it is only looking at sheet 1 and not appending with the other 2 sheets.

Hello @UKfan12

I assume you have the problem, that you multiple times import the first sheet. Looking at your workflow, you have not activated the sheet selection, which - I assume should be driven - through the flow variable that comes out of the Table Row To Variable Loop Start Node - see also screenshot:

I have rebuilt your workflow with an adjusted setting, as I do not have access to your original files. You can find your original workflow and my example below.

62695-appending-sheets – KNIME Community Hub

Let me know, if this helped… :wink:


Thanks you are a genius!


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