Help with class NodeView

Hello, I need to show a table in the view of my node, but I have no idea how to work in the NodeView display a table. I would like to have some example code or something. regards

Do you want a view of a standard KNIME table, or some other table?

If a KNIME table, then try looking at the source code for any of the KNIME nodes which have a view - e.g. the Interactive Table View node.

If you want a different sort of table, then you need to use either JTable and JTableHeader themselves, or subclass them. The classes in might provide some inspiration. Several words of caution though with that example:#

  • The view in this case is a bit unusual in that it was to update ‘live’ during node execution (mostly, you want a view that shows nothing during node execution, and then your view when execution is complete!) - the call to setShowNODATALabel(false); handles that - leave that out if you dont want the view to show anything until the node is complete
  • This example also needed a custom renderer for a column of progress bars (yes, really!)

However, it does show a couple of things - communication with the node model, and setting up the view. There are two different views in there for this node, only one of which is a table, but the other is probably a reasonably simple example of the basics of setting up a NodeView, subject to the caveat above about setShowNODATA()

Hope that gives you some pointers,



Thank you very much, I hope it serves me.

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