Help with datePicker

I am trying to pick a date on a webpage since the value is readonly. I saw another related post in the forum wich said that you could remove the flag and set the value of the date, but I didn’t manage it.
Could yo help me, please?


Hi Isandinop,

I would probably try to remove the readonly attribute. You can do this with an Execute JavaScript node:

Afterwards, you can simply send the input using the “Send Keys” node:

Hope this helps!


Hi Philipp
Thanks for your answer. I’m really new on JavaScript, so I’m not so sure how to edit the script. Is there any example I can use to gide me?

I built an example workflow which removes the readonly attribute from a <input>, so that you can use Send Keys, Clear, etc. to edit it afterwards.

I have shared it on my NodePit Space, you can find it here:

Hope it helps!


Thanks Philipp!!
You are my hero! It worked and I learned a lot.
Thank you very much.


Great – I’m happy to hear! :slight_smile:

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