Help with Geofile Reader and Relative File Paths

I have all of my data stored in a data folder under my current workflow. With typical file readers, I can choose the file using the “Relative to Current workflow data area.” I read in the Geofile Reader documentation that it says to use standard local file paths such as C:\KNIME\workspace.… or /KNIME/workspace/… depending on filesystem. However, I plan to package the workflow with the data files to send to a coworker whose local path workspace will be different than mine. Is there a way to work around this issue? I am sure there is a good reason to force local file paths for this component, but it is making it very difficult in this circumstance.

I have tried searching for a way to convert the “Relative to Current workflow data area” to a local file path so I can use string manipulations, but I have been unsuccessful with that as well.

See if this post helps.

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That did it! I knew there had to be something simple I was missing and it was that Extract Context Properties node. Thanks!

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