Help with JSON for HTTP POST request (CDD Vault)

Hello, I am new to Knime, and I am having the same issue that @j_ochoada posted: Help with JSON format For HTTP POST request.


  "project" : "Test Project",
  "autoreject" : "false",
  "mapping_template" : "#####",
  "runs" : [ {
    "run_date" : "2022-01-21"
  } ]

I also looked at Collaborative Drug Discovery_CDD_Build_JSON_for_POST_Data, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to resolve the 404 error. Could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hi @thira_bdtx

Welcome! Can you elaborate which POST request you’re trying to perform? I guess this is what they offer:

Thank you, @ArjenEX!

I’m trying to implement Slurps[POST]: Slurps [Post] - i.e. Bulk Import of Data via Files.

Hi @thira_bdtx,

Apologies for not responding, I have a bad habit of not staying logged in. Were you able to solve your issue? If not hopefully I can help!

Hi @j_ochoada ,

Thank you so much for your message! I also reached out to CDD Support, but I’m still getting the 404 error. I’ve configured the POST Request node as follows:

“Connection Settings” tab: URL = “
“Request Body” tab: I’m using the JSON in my original post using a real project name and mapping template iD
“Request Headers” tab: I added two header parameters - one for the API token and another “Content-type, application/json, constant”.

I will eventually need to figure out how to pass a file, but for now, I’m just trying to get the POST Request node working… Any advise you have would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again!

Hi @thira_bdtx

Hope you are doing well and maybe you have already solved this issue?

After reviewing my post and looking through my workflows ultimately posting the data using the POST node is not possible. What I ended up using was the HTTP Retriever node and that requires converting the data to binary and also posting the relevant JSON information all together. It was quite the challenge to put it all together over months and I admit I would never have been able to do it without @qqilihq.

My goal was to try to build a stripped down version of my workflow to show how this can be done in general but work demands have not allowed me to push on this. If you are still interested in this I could try to pick this back up.


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