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Hi, I am trying to have the target column passed to the “R learner” node be specified by a “value selection configuration” node. So I created the variable: “target (current value: octane)” and passed it to the “R learner” node.

If I do not use this variable, the following will work in the R script when I specify the target column:
Y =$“octane” (the column named “octane” is in the column list on the left)

The problem is I cannot figure out how to use the variable to specify this target column. I tried all the following:
Y =$[[“target”]]
Y = paste0(“$”,[[“target”]])
Y = cat(paste0(“$”,""",[[“target”]],"""))

Hi @tnad -

Y <-[["target"]]

should work. Maybe you need to connect the flow variable in a different way? See attached workflow.

2020-04-13 15_30_38-Overwolf Quick Launcher

RLearnerFlowvarExample.knwf (14.1 KB)

Hi Scott,

The target “octane” is actually in the “column list”, so it needs to be in this form to work:$“octane”

Y <-[[“target”]] returns “octane”

I added my workflow to yours which should clear my problem up. This needs the “pls” package in R to run.

RLearnerFlowvarExample_tnad.knwf (871.2 KB)

Ah, I think I understand you now. I believe this is what you want. I just used an intermediate temp variable to hold the value of the flow variable, but it ultimately returns a vector of values:

temp <-[["target"]]

Y =[[temp]]
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That’s it! I’ve been stuck on this for a while :slight_smile:


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