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I am sure I am not alone when helping on the forum, that I just wish people would be more willing and able to help us help them by uploading sample data in a format that can be quickly applied to a demo workflow. Ideally, if nothing else, sample data would be uploaded as a spreadsheet, or self-contained within an uploaded workflow. There are fewer barriers to being helpful than having to make up our own sample data when all we want to do is quickly assist with a solution.

I don’t think this perfect world will ever happen though, and so often the best we can hope is that the user writes their sample data as text into their plea for help.

It will be presented something like this:

Brian|23|New York



And all the “Regulars” on the KNIME Community Forum share a collective sigh because we know we either have to translate this into Excel and then save it somewhere, or (worse?) paste it into a Table Creator, and then hand-crank the column names and … you get the picture.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Table Creator (or something similar) allowed us to paste into it, specifying that the first row was the column headings, and that the pasted columns were delimited with “(whatever)”.

So… I felt a need for a component and this is what I came up with, the succinctly named
Extract Data Table from Delimited Text” component

Drop it onto a new workflow and configure by pasting in the supplied “table text”, and set the delimiter. It will automatically attempt to infer the column types using Column Auto Type Cast



You might still have to do a little playing with the data if the odd delimiter has been missed by the posting user, but hopefully it will save a lot of time and effort in a good many cases.


Hi @takbb
Great initiative and component solution :grinning::+1:!
I bookmarked it :blush:
Best wishes,

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Thanks @aworker, hope all going well with you! Must have another catch up on zoom some time :slight_smile:

I found today that even for general use, using this component to create some sample data instead of typing in a Table Creator is, for me, so much quicker. I am thinking a standard node with this functionality would be really useful.

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I’m well, thanks @takbb. Hope you are doing well too. Definitely, let’s catch up with news by Zoom at any time that is fine to you. My pleasure :grinning: !

Indeed, very useful component to grab data from everywhere or just write it easily haha ha :smile: :+1: !

Have a very nice day ahead !

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Hi @takbb

Thanks a lot for the great component you implemented to convert data from the forum into a table. It works like a charm as demonstrated below :smile: :+1: !


That’s great @aworker. Glad it worked. :grinning:


This was such an awesome idea / solution @takbb!

I rarely give more than general guidance on posts that don’t upload a workflow with sample data. Even with the desire to help, most of us just don’t have the time to tackle entering dummy data into a tables for people. This is a great tool to bypass that hurdle!


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