Help with simple table - transpose - combine columns - then split columns conditionally

Hi - I’m new to KNIME, and am confident this is simple… but not for me.

I have attached an example - but my requirement is to

  • take a single column with many rows of unique numbers
  • transpose these numbers
  • then create x number of columns based upon taking 50 columns at a time and merging those 50 values together, separated with commas, in each column.
  • The number of columns is a variable as I may have a few hundred, or many thousands of unique numbers in the original table

Output should (hopefully) then be one row with multiple columns - each cell containing 50 of the numbers separated by commas

I have tried my best using Transpose and Column Combiner in this example - so all the numbers are in one cell separated by commas… what I can’t now work out - is how to split this one column in to x Columns with 50 numbers in each column

I hope this makes sense…
Test Conversion.knwf (12.2 KB)

Hello @SKirkby,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

If I got it right you would need a loop for your approach. However maybe you can use following trick to avoid it. Assign unique id to each 50 rows using Math Formula node followed by Pivoting node. Take a look at workflow attached:
Test Conversion_ipazin.knwf (16.3 KB)

More on sequence and group ids you can find here:



Thank you so much! Yes - that works perfectly… a very clean and simple approach to my problem. Greatly appreciated @ipazin


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