Help. Word parser errors

Hello everyone. When I’m trying to use Word parser it shows these errors:
ERROR Word Parser 5:1 Could not parse file
WARN Word Parser 5:1 Could not parse all files properly!
When I’m choosing files from my computer there’s no docx files shown anywhere. But they are actually. Anyone knows how to deal with this problem? I’m adding Workflow and some screenshots.
ND_5_pavyzdys.knwf (81.4 KB)

Hi @BASF , your third screenshot does not show the full path of the folder, it only shows dataset, so we can’t tell where this dataset folder is.

Looking closely at the list of folders you have on the left on that screenshot, I see that you have a dataset folder on the E: drive. Could it be that this is the folder that contains the word documents? In your workflow, you are pointing to a dataset folder located on the desktop, which is a different location.

To be sure you are checking the same place, copy this location:

and paste it here and press ENTER:

I will open the same location as to where your workflow is pointing at


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