Hi everyone. Please look at the my work. I need help.

Hello to everyone. There is a study on Knime. Can you summarize what is done here, between 1-8 nodes, please? Thanks in advance.

Hi @buraksk1903 welcome to the Forum. One of the main features of KNIME is that it is auto-documented. If you look at hte workflow and the names of the nodes it is pretty straightforward: Looks it is a workflow that is doing exploraotryh analyisis of some data: A file is read, a histogram and two scatter plots are being built (using colors to ease the analyisis), basic statisticcs on the dataset are calculated as well as correlations, the last node is used to handle missing values. I suggest that you try to go node by node opennign the configurations and looking at the tables/graphs built by each one. Good luck!


Thank you for your response. I have a presentation on this assignment. Could you explain this to me as a 2-minute presentation by explaining it a little more, please?

I’d suggest that you try to build it and figure it out on your own, there are plenty of examples onthe KNIME Server thtat you can try. That way tou’ll understand what’s going on.


Thank you for your response.

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