Hide button/option in component view


I’m trying to hide/mask/remove 2 of 3 option from that view:

It is that part of page source:

			<li><a href="/Close & Discard" id="knimeSeleniumBridge_closeDiscardButton">Close &amp; Discard</a></li>
				<li><a href="/Close & Apply" id="knimeSeleniumBridge_closeApplyButton">Close &amp; Apply</a></li>
				<li><a href="/Close & Apply as new default" id="knimeSeleniumBridge_closeApplyDefaultButton">Close &amp; Apply as new default</a></li>

So, technically, everything that I need it to remove/hive these 2 buttons:

Is it possible to do it with CSS editor/other techniques? It is possible to do it with parts of widgets, but I can’t find a method to do the same with the component layout.

If it is not possible, maybe I can (somehow) hide this dialog:

and always save changes as “new default”?

In general, I’m looking for a solution that will force a user to save values provided in widgets as default, without the option to discard or save them temporarily.

Thanks for any advice on how to do it. Information about impossibility would be valuable also. :slight_smile:


Hi @Elderion you can use the CSS Editor for this.

Please take a look at these threads where we used CSS to hide/move some fields/buttons that may help you:

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Hi @bruno29a

thank you so much. I will check it. :slight_smile:

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