hideInWizard does not work to toggle hide/show in widgets

togglebug.knwf (21.0 KB)

I made a very basic example (see upload) where I am trying to show and hide some widgets depending on the selection from a single selection widget.

If I select option A, widget A gets shown and B is hidden. However, when I then select B, widget B remains hidden. If I re-select widget A, view A is shown again.

When option B is my default in the single selection widget, it is the other way around.

Is this a limitation of the system, or am I doing something wrong?

togglebug_opt.knwf (81.6 KB)
Here you go. I changed the logic a little and made it easier to read.

I also combined your snippets to one.

Works pretty well now.

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Oh it was caused by the plate layout; the two widgets needed to be in the same row apparently.

Thank you!

@pfmd86 Do you happen to know how to make this work if the two widgets are each encapsulated by a component?

I may be missing something with regards to the layout settings, that was also what went wrong last time.

Do you mean if you have two components? You might want to go with a conditional logic here and run either one or the other component. Look into the IF Switch Node


No I meant when I turn “A” to a component. My flow variable still comes through, and in the layout it is showing when it is supposed to show, but the widget is not present in the actual interface.

Maybe I don’t understand what you’re planning. You can’t show a composite view of a component inside a component. If I misunderstood something, can you provide more background about the expected outcome?

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