Hiding DB logon credentials in flow variables

I am looking to have a workflow which dynamically logs on to different databases depending on the initial parameters provided. There are a limited number of available databases, each with their own unique code. The username and password for each of these (among other DB parameters) is stored in a static table created within a metanode.
I wish to hide all of these credentials from any casual viewer of the workflow.
My first instinct would be to encrypt the metanode containing the credentials table. However, the credentials will still need to leave the metanode, either as data or as flow variables. They could then be seen by anyone interrogating one of the nodes outside the metanode.
I can’t put the DB Reader inside the encrypted metanode, because it is within a loop, each iteration of the loop might run a different piece of SQL against a different server.
I am looking at the Credentials Input node and am considering overwriting the password flow variable that I will need to make it work with the output from the Credentials node and using this downstream with the DB Reader. Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have a better solution to a similar problem?

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Can you please elaborate why it is not possible to run the whole loop within the encrypted metanode/component? Then there will be only outputs of the type data and the credentials will be kept inside it.

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