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in one of my webportal workflows I’d like to hide widgets based on if there is data for the widget or not. My idea was to do this with a custom CSS string for every Widget Node that is generated based on my input table.

I tried to set display to none on several classes but nothing worked. What would be the correct class (or complete CSS) to hide a whole Value Selection Widget View? The legacy Value Selection can be easily hidden when I set display: none to the body tag.

Thank you!

I have to double-check with our developers. We had an issue recently where the styles were not applied to Text and Image Output Widgets. Maybe the Value Selection Widget is also affected. I will update here as soon as I find out more! The bug with the Text and Image Output Widgets will be fixed from KNIME 4.3.0 onwards.
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Hi @lindig,
It turns out this feature is disabled by default right now and will most likely be replaced by a different way to do it in the future. You can enable legacy mode in the layout editor of the component and then the nodes in it will apply the custom styles.
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