Highlight pattern in String

I sit possible to highlight (= mark in a different color, or fat) a pattern in a String in a report?

The coloring can alternatively also be done before the report if possible.


John has a red Bike but Mark is much richer and has a red Ferrari.

I think there are two ways to go.

1. Via table

I would structure the sentence as a data table in a workflow, like:

Column 1 = "Mark has a ", Column 2 = "red", Column 3 = "Ferrari"

Then in the report I would apply the highlights property to color the font for example with the condition               if <word> equals to "red" then color = red

As far as I know, you need to isolate the word to be colored, because the highlights applies to the whole data cell.

2. via Text report item.

Alternatively you can use the item Text, with HTML formatting and pass the whole text as html. In this case, you might use the dynamic text to import the text from a data set and <B> .... </B> or <FONT size="" color="RED" face=""> .... </FONT> to enhance the color words.

I hope this helps.

-- Rosaria

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