Highlighting whole columns regardless of content

Hi all,
I would like to highlight a whole column ‘x’ in a Table view/Table Editor, regardless of their content. Do you have suggestions on which nodes I could use to achieve?

The flow could be as simple as the following.

Thank you!

Hi @dbailoni and welcome to the forum.

I think you could use this example from the Community Hub as a starting point. Just adjust the Rule Engine node to be a constant color, instead of varying based on the value:

Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @ScottF,

Thank you for your help and the great tip. This flow set me in the right direction, however I am still missing something because, instead of the whole cell being highlighted, I only manage to highlight the text within the cell itself.

Do you have any idea about what I could be doing wrong?

This is the Expression that I used in the String manipulation node:
join(string(“<div class="cell-background-color" style="background-color: “), $color_scale$, string(”;">”), string($ASSET_FK$), string(“”))

Offhand it’s not immediately clear to me. What version of KNIME are you using, 5.1 or older?

Could you upload a copy of your workflow in progress?

Hi @ScottF,

The version that I am using is 4.5.3. Do you think that this may be the issue with the partial highlighting?

Below is my workflow and and an Excel table I created for it.
KNIME eg.xlsx (9.0 KB)
knime platform.knwf (20.5 KB).

Hi there @dbailoni -

I think the reason is because you are not applying the flow variable created by the CSS Editor node in the subsequent Table View node, like this:

When I do that in your workflow I get this result:

Does that help?

Hi @ScottF,

Thank you for your tip, applying the flow variable created by the CSS Editor node does indeed take care of my issue, however it creates a different one: I can’t see the whole text in the cells anymore. I did not modify any other variables, do you know what could cause this?

This seems to be related to the size of the output table (less noticeable when the table is full screen size). Below I am attaching 2 screenshot of the output table displaying the issue, as well as an updated flow and excel file to replicate the issue.

knime platform.knwf (20.5 KB)
KNIME eg.xlsx (9.1 KB)

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