hiLiting feature request

When using the interactive table viewer, please can a keyboard shortcut be added to HiLite the selected rows instead of keep going to the menu to HiLite. It's rather cumbersome the current setup.

Additionally, HiLiting currently allows the selection of rows. Is it possible to have an additional ColumnHiLiting feature where selected columns can also be HiLited along with a resultant Column HiLite Filter node?



Hi Simon, 

We have this feature request already in our system, but it hasn't floated to the top yet, sorry.

As for the column-wise hiliting, it is pretty incompatible with our current model.  It may be possible in the future though to do some intereting things with java script based views before the end of the year.  What sort of task are you trying to complete with this column hiliting?



ps - sorry for the slow reply, we were quite busy getting 2.10 out the door!