Histogram of dates or time stamps

Is there an efficient way to generate a histogram of dates (time stamps) in Knime? The histogram node doesn’t accept dates as input. As a work around, I can think of two inefficient approaches:

  1. Use Date&Time to String node followed by a group by count and bar plot. The problem with this is that I am limited to monthly or yearly bin ranges.
  2. Use Python View node (works great, but it’s not KNIME).
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Hello @jnicolich

I think that you’ve summarized the options quite well; besides you didn’t mention R along with Python.

What I don’t agree about your first option is the limitation on monthly / yearly… once it’s defined as string, it can be any other (weeks…)



@jnicolich here is a line chart with dates on the x axis. Maybe you can provide sample data and maybe a sample for a graphic you want.

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@mlauber71 this example workflow is very impressive and something I will consider for the future. My question was primarily about finding a simple solution such as the as the KNIME Histogram View which is available for numeric data. For now, a Python View using a Pandas/Matplotlib histogram plot will work for me.

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