histogram with string values on the abscissa


My table contains a column of compound names. The other columns are numerical descriptors that have been calculated for every compounds.

I would like to plot the data with the compound names as X column, but this column is neither nominal nor integer, so it does work! I would also like to see the descriptor values on the Y axis and not average/sum/row count...

Do I miss a node that will plot my data in an Excel way?




quite simple and straight forward: What you want to use is a bar chart, not histogram, because you want to represent value,not count them. Cpds and properties can be used as they are (each row is a cpd with it's properties), then use the jfree barchart. what you get is for each property selected, you will have a bar (one bar per compound) with height of the bar representing the value.

adjust a bit the data, create row id based on cpd id, then transpose the table. You now have properties vs compounds. use the bar chart again and you will see n groups of bars, each bar represent a property, each group of bar is a compound...


I simulate 20 cpds with 4-5 properties and the two options in the attached WF.
hope this helps.




Thank you for your help.

The GroupBy bar Chart doest exactly what I want to. I just regret there is no interactivity inside (as for scatter plot node or histogram node).

However, I do not think the Bar Chart has any interest in my case, because it creates a bar for each compound  and the bar length depends on the occurences of each compound. In your example, as in mine, there is only one occurence for each compound, so each bar are of the same length.