Hive Connector -- Configure Failed


I am having issues immediately after i drag the hive connector into the workflow. When dropped, I see the error:

Configure failed (AbstractMethodError): org.knime.database.node.connector.server.ServerDBConnectorSettings.isDatabaseNameMandatory()Z

I am running Knime v4. I have properly configured proxy settings and pointed Database tab to directory holding driver with driver class = com.cloudera.hive.jdbc41.HS2.Driver | Driver version 2.6.0. The URL string is accurate as other users are successful in connecting using the Hive Node. Not sure if i am missing other dependencies or something is misconfigured.

could you please attache the complete stack trace of the error. Do you see the error also when dropping other DB connector nodes onto the workflow editior e.g. H2 Connector?

Hi Tobias,

Completely wiped the app from my computer and reinstalled. Working fine now so wont question it. Thanks for responding though.

Have a good one.