Hive Connector Issues

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to properly connect to Hive through KNIME? I have tried to connect to HIVE, but constantly have the same issue. For example, the current issue I am seeing is this: [Execute failed: Bad URL format. Hostname not found in authority part of the url: jdbc:hive2:. Are you missing a ‘/’ after the hostname ?]. I am using the same URL format in dBeaver and it works out well. Any suggestions? I am using version 1.2.0 for bigred apache_hive2.

Hi @etorres182
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Could you please click on the bigred3 database configuration as shown in your screenshot, click edit and change the DB Type from default to Hive? This will ensure that a proper URL template is used.
Please retry to execute the Hive connector node afterwards.
We provide a Hive setup guide containing additional details here: KNIME Big Data Extensions User Guide


Thank you, @MichaelRespondek. This was helpful. I had other issues come up, but was able to get them fixed with this post (Database Looping no longer working - #6 by takbb).


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