Holding a connector and scrolling in the Modern UI

I saw in an older post that you could select two nodes with CTRL and then hit CTRL+ L to link the nodes, but this doesn’t seem to be functional in the modern UI. Is there a way to link nodes across a workflow that is wider than your screen without having to zoom out?

Hi @Jwideman , if you drag the connector using the mouse and at the same time press the keyboard cursor keys with the other hand, the workflow canvas will scroll :slight_smile:

You are right that the Ctrl L functionality isn’t there in the modern UI. One additional feature of modern UI though is that you can link the nodes “backwards”, so you can (if you wish to) drag the connector from the input port of the destination node to the output port of the source node. It’s not something I do regularly but it is there if you need it! :wink:

It is also possible to scroll the canvas by pressing/rotating the mouse wheel (if your mouse has this functionality) but in practice trying to achieve this with any accuracy whilst also keeping the mouse button pressed is beyond my level of dexterity!

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That’s a really simple solution! Thank you! :blush:

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