Horizontal Scroll - Logitech MX Master - Windows 10

My mouse is a Logitech MX Master 3 with an horizontal scroll wheel.
I am running Knime on Windows 10 and the horizontal wheel does not work in Knime workflows.

My colleague runs Knime on OSX and the horizontal scroll wheel works in Knime worflows.

Do you have any insight or workaround?

Hi @sebversailles,

There was an Eclipse issue preventing the side scrolling in Windows.
There was a fix Implemented in KNIME 4.1 (December 2019 release).

Which version of KNIME are you currently running?


I also have an mx master, don’t know which version, but the issue certainly is still there in 4.1.

(it doesn’t bother me much personally because I like to keep my workflows so the fit on one screen using metanodes and vertical space)

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I don’t have a mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel to test on.
Does it work if you hold shift and scroll vertically?

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Yes that works just fine.

I also checked that the horizontal wheel works in other applications and in fact it does.

SWT’s mouse wheel listener only reports on the vertical scroll wheel’s input. I’ve created a JIRA issue (internal: AP-13480) to add a new listener for horizontal scroll wheels.


Thanks @quaeler for implementing a fix! @sebversailles, @beginner, can you do us a favor and check if the horizontal wheel works for you now in the latest nightly build (https://www.knime.com/form/nightly-build)? Unfortunately, I do not possess a mouse with a horizontal wheel myself.

Thanks in advance,


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I just tried and it still doesn’t work for me (shift + vertical scroll wheel still works).

EDIT: Exact file/version I used from download site:



Ooops - It looks like the nightly build I’ve directed you to and you’ve been using was created on January 11, even though the name of the zip suggests that it is from January 13. Since the fix was only merged on January 13, I’m afraid it hasn’t made it in yet. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

I’ll let you know once we have an updated nightly build available that should have the fix in.



Hi @beginner, @sebversailles,

We now have a nightly build at https://www.knime.com/form/nightly-build that should have the fix in it. Could you try again with that latest build, please?

Sorry once again and thanks in advance,


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Will do next week. currently ooo.

Ok forgt this till now. With


it doesn’t doesn’t work.

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