Hot to create user input which I use to iterate and use it's values in Java snippet (simple)

Hello everyone :smiley:
I need to get input for column “Date” from user on KNIME server, that should look like this:

I used this approach:
After execution my Table View looks like this:
Is there a better way to do it?

After creating that table I have to loop somehow over column “Date” and use value from each row once. Per iteration I have to use that value once in my Java snippet where I have formula which is doing some data manipulation. How can I do that? Example for that would be amazing!
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Denis,

if you only want user input for 12 months I would see two easy solutions:
One is to use the Table Editor so the User can input the date for each month (with maybe a loop to check if a valid date was entered)

Or another way could be to use 12 date/integer/string widgets and then asking for every months with input variables

Here a small mockup how this could be done, I guess the date widgets would be the prettiest solution but you would need to set the year of the start and end dates (e.g. manually or through a flow variable)

Hope this helps
KNIME_project5.knwf (27.6 KB)


thank You very much! I used Table Editor this time :smiley:


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