How can dependencies be added to an own node?

I am experimenting with writing an own node and can not find info on the subject.
Any pointer or hint is appreciated.

A little side question: when created the new node with the wizard the model Java file has been opened. I managed to close the tab, and could not find a way to open it again. This is embarrassingly basic, and especially because I used Eclipse some year back. Looked for every logical places, and still could not find…

Thanks in advance!


Some links that might be useful:

The code for the node you made in the wizard will be somewhere in the project you ran the wizard in. You would have specified what package to put it in then you ran the wizard.

Thank you for the quick answer. I did start at the dev page, I am still to find info about adding dependency libs.

As to the node’s Java project: finding the project is not the problem. Opening an src file is (I am now experimenting with the non-model files). Double clicking on a file does not open it, context menu has no ‘open file’, File menu has no ‘open file’. Tried whatever key/combination came to mind, to no avail. KNIME version is 4.0.1, java.runtime.version=1.8.0_202-b08 and running it on Mac.

Ah, I hadn’t linked your post title with the question you asked.

Are these osgi dependencies or local jar files you have? For osgi dependencies (knime plugins, or osgi plugins exposed in the KNIME / orbit update sites) you go to your plguins MANINFEST.MF or plugin.xml and then the Dependencies tab:

For local lib files:

  • Create a lib folder and add your jars
  • Go to your MANINFEST.MF or plugin.xml and go to Runtime
  • Add your jars in the classpath section
  • Export if needed only those classes which other plugins need

Hopefully I understood you this time?

Are you saying your eclipse won’t open a java src file? I’m not sure I can help you with that one.



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Yes, that’s what I thought of (dependency).

Your screenshot are that of KNIME or a separate Eclipse IDE?
Perspective key shortcut shows only ‘KNIME’ for me, nothing else. And I can’t seem to find anything similar to yours. Preferences shows others, but cannot change to them.

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That’s a standard Eclipse RCP version of eclipse. Did you not set one up or your KNIME development?

Being in a KNIME perspective would explain why you can’t open your source code.

Are you able to re-open the Java perspective:


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It did not occur to me that I should use a separate Eclipse.
I could find the node creator wizard in my KNIME environment, model java file was opened, I could edit it, so everything seemed fine to a point…
Now I am moving to Eclipse.

Once again, thank you for your valuable help.

Sounds like you may have installed the KNIME SDK into a knime application? There are some instructions here GitHub - knime/knime-sdk-setup: KNIME Analytics Platform - SDK Setup which show how to set up a new eclipse application to do development :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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