How can I authenticate a token with HuggingFace Hub?

I am following the workflow in the link to learn knime,

but I am unable to authenticate the API key, so I would like to ask for help.

I tried changing the user name on HuggingFace Hub, creating several tokens, and signing up for a new account, but I only get the same error message. help me…

1.2 - HuggingFace Hub – KNIME Community Hub%20Large%20Language%20Models/1.2%20-%20HuggingFace%20Hub~GReXLig1IpnskCD3/most-recent)


Hi @liante,

Did you configure the node “Credentials” correctly ?
You just have to generate a token on this page : HuggingFace | Create Access Tokens
(i revoked this token, don’t bother copying it :blush:)

and then copy the token (starting with hf_xxxxxxxx) in Knime password field, you dont need the user actually :

And it’s working just fine. Otherwise please check the console to see if you don’t have any certificate issue or maybe VPN / Antivirus / Firewall …

I had trouble when i’m on my company VPN and it does not work like you.


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