How can I change the background color of an error box?

When I hover over a node which has an error, an error box appears. It's background is very dark though, so that I can't read the text. Where can I change the background color? I didn't find it in the Preferences.


I suppose you are using Linux? Most of the color and font information is taken from your window managers settings. Please have a look in its settings.

Thanks for the pointer. I found the setting for the background color. But, I have another issue now: Notification boxes have dark background and light font in my system. If I just change the background, I won't be able to read other notification boxes besides KNIME's. So why does KNIME take the background colour, but not the font colour from my system? Or maybe KNIME chooses the wrong font colour for the notification boxes... (which would be a bug then).


Color setting for KDE

Go to

  • System Settings ->
  • Under subsection "Common Appearance and Behaviour" choose "Application Appearance" ->
  • Tab "Colours" ->
  • Tab "Colors" ->
  • Colour set "Tooltip" ->
  • Colour "Normal Background"

(in German:)

  • Systemeinstellungen ->
  • In dem Teil "Allgemeine Einstellungen und Verhalten" wähle "Erscheinungsbild von Anwendungen" ->
  • Registerreiter "Farben" ->
  • Registerreiter "Farbauswahl" ->
  • Farbsatz "Kurzinfo" ->
  • Farbe "Normaler Hintergrund"