How can I change the color coding in a pie chart of the reporting tools?


 I am trying to do something very basic: customize the color coding of a pie chart of the reporting tools... how can I do this? It is my first time I am using the reporting capability in KNIME but it seems very complex to manage.

hi.. use the color manager node and link it to the chart node

I am trying to feed data into a BIRT report. Apparently it is a known limitation with a very cumberson workarond described in below article:

I really start to wonder if it is even worth to do it for a such basic feature or it is simply better change visualization software.

How can I do it? I can use the color manager node, but how can I link it to the Chart node? Probably it is easier if you could attach a simple workflow example if possible. Thanks

I suggest you go to the Examples and press login and there you have a look under 03_visualization and 05_reporting. there you find tons of good examples…