How can I conduct LDA analysis by Timeline.

I have a excel and it has 7 column. Column C has description title named as Family summary and Column D has sector. How can I conduct LDA analysis by sector and analyse topic evolution by sector? Note: I have already conducted LDA for column C. Thank you in advance for help.

Hi @anand1995 and welcome to the forum.

I’m a little confused about your approach. Would it possible to upload your workflow and data (assuming it’s non-confidential)? That would provide more detail than a screenshot.

If you aren’t able to do that, even some tabular results of what you have so far would help.

Hi @ScottF , Thank you for your reply to my post. I figured out the steps to be taken for the above question. Could you please help me with which nodes/processes I should follow to get the optimal number of topics (Perplexity Score)? Thank you in advance for your reply.