How can I consume Instragram API Key using Palladian WebSearcher node

I am trying to perform Instagram Searches using the WebSearcher node.

I understand that for the WebSearch to function, I need to define an Instagram API Key in Preferences.

How do I generate this API key in the first place?

I have created an Instagram Developer account and been provided with an Instagram ClientID and Client Secret. I have also reviewed the Instragram developer page ( where they give examples of how to request and API Key using curl.

I understand this, but cannot work out whether I can utilise an existing Knime node to make the API Key request to Instragram? There does not appear to be an Instragram API Connector available.  Or do I have to use a Java Snippet in order to make this API Key request? 

If so, does anyone have a Java Snippet that calls Instragram that I can use?

Many thanks


Hi Kevin,

you can follow the instructions as given here in section "Client-Side (Implicit) Authentication".

Follow "Register a New Client" here;  for "Redirect URL" specify some arbitrary URL which you own. Under "Security" untick "Disable implicit OAuth". After creating your client, take the provided Client ID and Redirect URL and build your URL, following the scheme:

Paste this URL into your browser and wait for the redirect (log into Instagram, if required). From the redirected URL you can copy your access token and enter it in the Palladian section in KNIME's preferences.

The token is usually long-lived (mine lasts for at least one year now), but if necessary, you could automatize the given steps to obtain a token using Palladian's HttpRetriever or the Selenium nodes.

Hope that helps,

Excellent Phillipp. Thanks for the fast and comprehensive response. Sounds quite straightforward.

Many thanks