how can i convert this data

I have used groupBy node which given this table
Screenshot 2021-04-11 195858

now, i need to convert this table in to this table
Screenshot 2021-04-11 195928

the unpivoting node has not worked in my case
can you please help me in it?

Hi @PankajChaudhary

When you do a unique concatenation using “Unique Concatenante” as you did, the result is a string with unique concatenated values. A string cannot be easily ungrouped.

However, if you want to ungroup, then you rather need use the aggregation option “Set”, which creates a list with unique values. A set can be ungrouped using the Ungroup node to eventually obtain the result you wish.

Hope this helps. Otherwise, just let me know.

Best regards,



Thanks for the suggestion it worked.


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