How can i do image, video, audio, text data annotation in knime?

How can i do image, video, audio, text data annotation in knime?

I am a newbie to KNIME tool. My understanding is that it is open-source data analytics, reporting, and integration platform. It allows users to visually design data workflows, incorporating various data sources, manipulation techniques, analysis methods, and machine learning algorithms.

One of our customers at Labellerr is using this tool for majority of their workflows and now they want to handle unstructured data such as images, video, text and audio for deep learning and data processing workflows.

Does KNIME provide any option for integrating external tools via API such that our customer can continue to handle data annotation and labeling workflows on our tool otherwise it will be too much a hassle.

Looking forward to a response from some expert in KNIME!

Hi @puneet_jindal ,

Thank you for your question.
If I understood it correctly, the answer is yes. KNIME has a bunch of nodes to call REST APIs. Your customer can use, for example, a POST Request node to send their data to your API.

I hope this answers your question, feel free to get back to me otherwise.


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