How can I do this Bar Chart?

Hi everyone.
I want to plot this simple bar chart in knime:

but I am not able to replicate it.
The dataset is day.csv, at this link:
On x-axis is the cnt, the blue bars are for the first year and the red bars for the second year.
Can you help me showing how to configure the Bar chart node? Or the histogram node, i don’t know which one is better.

Thank you

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Can anyone help me? Thanks

Nobody? :frowning:
Is it possible a chart of this type?

@CasellaJr question is if this is just a screenshot or if it is accompanied by some Python code? You could try and reproduce this with a KNIME node like Bar Chart - which will need some trial and error I assume.

Or you could just use a Python script (maybe from the Kaggle page) and integrate that into KNIME like in this example:

Yes it is accompanied by some Python code. I’ve tried to use the Python node, but It does not work on my Mac, so I have to use the bar chart node.
For example, can you help me in doing a bar chart like this?

That I think it’s easier than the previous one.

Nobody can help me doing these bar charts?

Hi CasellaJR, I have not read the previous post, but I used R ggplot and took the code from this web site link. However I am not generating the data from R, instead I am using Knime for that purpose.

Please notice that the data must be in two columns, the first one contains the values and the second one the categories that differenciate the datasets.

You can refine the plot by looking at the ggplot2 documentation.

If you have any question let me know

Best Regards


Overlap Histogram.knwf (66.3 KB)


@CasellaJr. here is another solution using Python. You get this image:


Bikes graph 2.knwf (77.8 KB)


Thank you guys, I like both
However, you did using R or Python. Is it impossible doing these type of graphs using only the nodes present in Knime?

I may say that you can do it using D3, see the link this blog post blog.


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As far as I can tell none of the plotting nodes do it on its own. You might do some tweaking and use BIRT also. In this workflow

by binning and grouping by year you can build similar plots. This workflow imagen

Bikes graph 1.knwf (88.5 KB)

Builds this graph::

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Ok thank you. This was my question, to replicate using Knime nodes. Thank you for the answers!

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