How can I get information (column names) from previous node into next node's dialog?

I have two nodes. 

1) First node: It just takes table name.

2) Second node: It shows table information column name.

In second node, I have a DialogComponentColumnNameSelection dialog. In this dialog I want to view all the column names from previous one.

I tried overwriting *loadSettingsFrom*. But I don't know how to do this for my case. How will I get column names in that dialog. 

Any help will be appreciated!

loadSettingsFrom gets the table spec from the previous node as second parameter. You will find all the columns in there.


Can I execute sql query inside *loadsettingsfrom* or configure in load model?


Theorectically you could but you shouldn't. All load/save/validateSettings methods as well as configure in NodeModel are supposed to execute (very) fast. In the NodeDialog it's a different story, there you can execute some longer-running operations. However, as long as the method doesn't return the dialog won't be shown. It's better to do it asynchrously and update the GUI after you have the result.