How can I get 'Spark Context' as input?

I want to create a new node that can be linked to a spark node.
But I don’t know how to get ‘Spark Context’ of ‘Create Spark Context (Livy)’ or ‘Create Local Big Data Environment’ node as input.
How can I get ‘Spark Context’ as input?

Hi @syinkim,

one clarification: are you talking about a real KNIME node, i.e. are you writing some code to represent a future node that gets the context as input? Or do you mean a metanode/component in a sense that you want to get the spark context propagate from outside into a metanode.component?



did you manage to resolve the issue? If not, could you please provide further information?


Hello @lisovyi.
I have not solved the problem yet.
But I am approaching problem solving in a different way.

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